Canopé Group

Thanks to our perfect knowledge of the workings and challenges of international transit, CANOPÉ is able to offer you a tailor-made solution, adapted to your needs and the type of means of transport you use. In addition, you will be able to optimize the distribution of workload and assignments in an efficient manner. By choosing CANOPÉ, you will benefit from a significant improvement in the quality of your services, while ensuring better protection for your drivers and fleets. Our solutions address these needs with a set of indicators that will provide you with valuable information about the condition of the goods, driver behavior, vehicle condition or other data you want to collect.

Our top 5 activities to meet your needs are:



Our customers find it essential to be able to track their vehicles, optimize delivery routes, monitor driver performance, as well as control consumption and fuel levels. At CANOPÉ, we work on different types of trucks such as logging trucks, tractors, tippers, food or refrigerated trucks.


We also offer the possibility of equipping your towing devices (flatbed, container ship, trailers waiting to be loaded or unloaded) with tracking devices to ensure effective traceability of your container and/or miscellaneous parcel transport. This can be achieved through different solutions such as specific beacons or Bluetooth tags. We are also willing to explore other options based on your specific needs. Our main goal is to optimize the loading or unloading time at our customers' premises.


Personal or business vehicles can be equipped with geolocation devices, usually in the form of integrated navigation systems. This provides drivers with various benefits such as emergency services, tracking in case of theft, etc. In addition, it allows for efficient management of the driver's travel time, tracking of fuel consumption, and access to data on driver behavior.


Vessels, whether used for commercial or recreational purposes, can be equipped with geolocation systems. These systems enable various features such as real-time tracking, accurate navigation, and maritime security. 

In collaboration with the Ministry of Environment in Gabon, we recently installed geolocation systems on more than 300 dugout canoes used by artisanal fishermen. The objective of this initiative is multiple:  

  • First of all, it aims to ensure the protection of fishermen by providing them with an alert button in case of danger. 
  • In addition, it helps to control fishing areas and ensure that vessels do not enter marine protected areas (MPAs). 
  • Finally, this technology also allows us to have better visibility on the volume of fishing practiced.

To find out more, click on the link below ("see the article") which will take you to the article dealing with the DGPA (Directorate General of Fisheries and Aquaculture) project 


Trains and other means of public transport can be equipped with geolocation systems. This allows operators to monitor schedules, improve fleet management, provide real-time insights, perform monthly and/or annual analysis to aid decision-making, and much more.


CANOPÉ also works on lighter vehicles such as scooters, mopeds or small utility vehicles.


Thanks to our SIMs, we are able to locate the movements of containers in each port where they are located, which allows us to track the deliveries of the packages.


CANOPÉ is committed to the surveillance of individuals as well as for certain professions, such as supervising patrols carried out by guards to enhance security. In addition, it is also invested in pet tracking through location technology.