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Canopé Group


Established in 2009,

CANOPÉ defines itself as a service company, specialized in connected sensors that collect and process in real time, all the data of equipment, whether industrial or not. CANOPÉ is aimed at both companies and individuals and currently operates mainly in Africa.
Our team operates around 5 main areas (see Our solutions page): fleet management (geolocation of means of transport and use of field data), driving assistance and on-board cameras, breathalyzers, management of private stations and self-tracking (mainly for individuals).
This close collaboration between technology and the individual improves the transparency of processes, while making them more productive and cost-effective.
Our goal is to provide our customers with useful information to secure, optimize and make their logistics resources profitable. Our expertise in new technologies and our experience in the field in Africa allow us to offer tailor-made solutions, perfectly adapted to the problems of African economic operators.

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  • Bringing innovative and adapted technologies to Africa, by offering local and tailor-made support.

  • Enhance and support the development of societies in Africa.

  • Participate in eco-responsible development by choosing service providers who work for the good of the environment (choice of materials, choice of technology, etc.) and respect international standards, including the safety standards in force.


Discover our key values that make Canopé a reliable, innovative and scalable company:


Speed of action / Responsiveness

At Canopé, we are a company on a human scale, which allows us to intervene quickly and efficiently, without wasting time in endless administrative procedures.


Guaranteed reliability

Thanks to our carefully selected suppliers, we provide you with top-of-the-range equipment, accompanied by an efficient after-sales service. You don't have to worry anymore, we're here to support you!


Excellent service

Our company, focused on quality service, is fully dedicated to this. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to answering all your questions and solving all your problems as soon as possible. Each request will be processed quickly and efficiently to guarantee your complete satisfaction.


Diversity is embraced

Discover our incredible diversity of products, thanks to our many partners, who will allow you to meet all your needs in geolocation or other necessary areas.


Scalable solutions

Our offers are scalable ! Our partners are constantly working on new options and products to offer you even more satisfaction. In addition, if you have specific needs, we can also offer you tailor-made developments. With us, you are guaranteed to find the perfect solution for your needs in geolocation, tracking, data tracking, start-up assistance, and private station management.


The activity reports we provide, as well as the downloadable attached documents, demonstrate CANOPÉ's desire to be transparent about its missions:

2023 Report
2022 Report
2021 Report