Dash cams

With our state-of-the-art cameras and algorithms, you'll be able to easily detect road hazards and dangerous driving behaviors such as falling asleep, drinking and driving, and speeding.

Take advantage of remote live video functionality as well as local recording of videos.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

The Driver Monitoring System (DMS) can detect whether the driver is distracted or drowsy, as well as identify and analyse emotions using facial recognition.

And for even more safety, this on-board device also works when the driver is wearing a mask.

ADAS Driver Assistance System

Meet ADAS, an intelligent system built into your car's design that gives you assisted driving and helps you reduce road accidents.

With these advanced systems, you get crucial information about traffic, road closures, congestion warnings, and alternative routes.

In addition, ADAS accurately assesses your level of fatigue and distracted driving, providing you with alerts and suggestions to improve your driving.

Don't miss out on Collision Warning and Lane Departure Alert features for a safer, more serene drive.