Opt for CANOPÉ's solutions for managing your stations and enjoy total control over your fuel supply. Simplify your management and improve your efficiency of action!


Tracking platform

Tailor-made service at CANOPÉ. We take care of configuring and configuring the various platforms we offer, in all areas. As a service company, we attach great importance to responding quickly to all your questions and problems.

We want to make it easier to manage your business and make decisions easier by providing you with the relevant information you need. Working with you, we define your expectations and automatically provide you with the necessary information.

Automated Controller

Fixed Distributor

Discover CANOPÉ's innovative solutions for optimized management of your fixed tanks. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, you can now track the fuel level and refuelling in real time, giving you better visibility and full control.

In the event of fuel theft, our solution sends you an instant email alert, allowing you to react quickly and take the necessary measures to prevent further loss.

Our intuitive tool also allows you to monitor the running time of your stationary tank, recording all refueling and withdrawals made. This allows you to keep an accurate track of all activities related to your tank.

But that's not all! Our fixed tank management solution also offers you advanced features such as summary reports and graphical reports with clear and concise tables. This allows you to present information in an effective and easily understandable way.

In addition, our tool allows you to run simulations and reconstruct certain routes, giving you a better understanding of your fuel consumption and refueling patterns.

Don't let any change in fuel level go unnoticed. With our fixed tank management solution, you can quickly detect any anomalies, regardless of the tank compartment. And so that you can access all this information at any time, we offer you 24-hour access to all the saved history. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and accessible when you need it.

Mobile Tanker Truck

Our revolutionary GPS geolocation solution gives you the ability to monitor the location of your mobile fuel tanks in real time.

With our system, you can easily check routes, including break and driving times.

Our advanced technology is also able to detect andprevent fuel theft and leaks by monitoring the exact fuel level in your tanks in real-time. Don't leave anything to chance, choose our GPS geolocation solution for efficient and secure management of your precious resources.

Transtank /
Mobile tank

Safe for the environment. Designed to quickly and safely deploy fuel for rescue operations that rely on temporary power sources.

It is the world's ultimate emergency fuel solution.
Double-walled, lockable units have secure holes to collect drips and spills. They can be optionally equipped with distribution and management systems designed for a limited local workforce.

Tank management

Optimize your fuel management with our simple equipment! With the installation of our devices on your tank and dispensing pump, you can now remotely monitor your tank level and receive real-time alerts. In addition, by identifying your vehicles, you will have access to detailed reports on their individual fuel consumption.

You'll also be able to set custom permissions for each vehicle, such as specific time slots or limited monthly volumes.

Stop letting wasted fuel impact your business, adopt our all-in-one solution today!